Meet Jordan

Welcome! I am a mid-twenties wife, entrepreneur and mom of 5 furbabies. My husband Robert and I live in Lubbock, Texas with our 3 dogs, April, Precious and Plato. We were married in January of 2011 and built a home in our dream neighborhood just a few months following the wedding. Our horses, Maggie and Kenney, live about 5 minutes down the road and we visit them almost daily.

This journey of mine really began 7 years ago, in April of 2005, when I picked up my first personal development CD given to me by my mother. At the time I was so embarrassed about what I was listening to that I would quickly switch the sound to a popular radio station each time anyone approached my car… I liked what I was hearing, but I wasn’t ready to admit it yet.

In fact, had someone told me back then that 7 years later I would begin a personal development blog aimed at helping thousands of people reach their God-given potential through a journey of personal development and education, I am certain that I would have laughed them out of the room. Here I am though, and I have to say I could not be more excited about sharing this journey with all who are willing to listen!

I first became involved in this Network Marketing industry as a junior in high school. I had always been passionate about horseback riding, and had spent years competing in Dressage shows all over Texas. I knew that in order to be successful in this sport you needed 2 things: time and money. Network Marketing was the only industry I could find that could offer me both in the capacity I was looking for.

I graduated high school a semester early in December of 2005 and enrolled that next month as a freshman at Texas Tech University here in Lubbock, Texas. Although I excelled in academics throughout high school, it didn’t take me long to realize that the college path just wasn’t for me. By the time I had enrolled I had been in the Network Marketing industry for 9 months — and I was hooked.

In December of 2006 I left college to pursue my business full-time. I was blessed with 2 parents who also believe wholeheartedly in this wonderful industry, and they supported my decision and agreed to support me through 4 years of building my business. They saw what even I didn’t realize at the time — that the personal education I would gain as a business owner would far exceed the education I could receive in a formal setting.

I quickly rose to the top of that company and fell even more in love with the industry and with the personal development world. I was even asked to present topics on goal setting to hundreds of people at our company conventions.

During the fall of 2009 though, everything changed. Due to some internal changes within the company, commission checks began to drop. And in February of 2010 we knew it was time for a change.

The next year was filled with many changes and a lot of questions.

Can I really do this? Am I capable? Will it work again?

On more than one occasion I have been faced with a choice: To give up or to continue fighting towards my goals.

Without my strong foundation in personal development I would have easily chosen the first option. The option that would have led to a life of mediocrity, of settling, of not necessarily UNhappiness, but not one of happiness either.

But because of the beliefs instilled in me from the pages of the books I had read, I knew that really there had only ever been 1 choice — the choice to continue fighting.

In April of 2011 I partnered with a company that supports my own morals and values, my passion, my desire and my belief. I have been blessed beyond measure since beginning this partnership and it has only reminded that God’s plan is always bigger and better than our own!

I am excited to continue my personal development journey by now sharing what I learn with the world. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Rob and I at our wedding at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida

Me and Maggie -- the pony I've had since I was 8 years old.

Kenney and I enjoying a rare Lubbock Snow Day!

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