Create a Dream Card!

Dream Boards have always been one of my favorite methods of goal setting. I have seen them work over and over again in my own life, and heard hundreds of stories of how they worked in the lives of others as well.

The reason they work so well is because pictures inspire and captivate all of your senses. You SEE the picture every day… the vibrant colors bring the image to life and before long you can vividly smell, hear, and even touch your visions in your mind.

Since I’ve partnered with SendOutCards I use their 3-panel cards to create my own dream board that I can carry with me everywhere. I include vibrant pictures and I AM statements with my current goals and begin each day by reading the words and looking at the pictures.

I invite you to create your own free dream board through SendOutCards — having a dream board that you look at daily will change your life dramatically. Visit the link below and select Create a Free Card. Create a Picture Plus 2.0 card and use your own pictures and words to describe the life your dreams.

It will arrive in less than a week. Look at it DAILY. Read the words OUT LOUD and experience the magic for yourself.

Create Your FREE Dream Board!

Also, check out my own Dream Board story below!


My favorite personal Dream Board story is related to my horse, Kenney. There was a period of about 4 years where I had to quit riding due to lack of funds and time. We sold my high school horse and I knew that if I was ever going to begin riding again, it would be up to me to make it happen.

I created a picture on my dream board of my ideal next horse.

As you can see, I wanted a horse that was:

  • At least 16 hand talls
  • Had an even temperment
  • Was fun to ride
  • And was trained to at least 3rd level Dressage

Typically, to find a horse that means this criteria is 10s of thousands of dollars. I didn’t know WHEN or HOW I was going to reach this goal, but my subconscious mind was going to work as I looked at this picture daily.

If I ever doubted my belief in the Law of Attraction, this ended that doubt forever.

My parents moved from their house in the country which caused Rob and I to begin a search of where to keep my pony, Maggie. We were building a new home in Vintage Township and the developer offered us use of some old horse pens in the back of the development.

(see this post on our personal blog: )

The proximity to our new home and the low cost of the facility led to a conversation between Robert and I about getting me a new horse. We agreed on a budget of $2000 and I began to search.

For that price, I was expecting to find an old western pleasure horse. Nothing fancy, but better than no horse at all. My hopes though wouldn’t allow me to not go looking online for a low-level Dressage horse. I thought MAYBE I would find something.

I ran a search for Dressage horses in Texas and Oklahoma under $2000. Only EIGHT matches were returned.


I slowly worked my way down the list… no, no, no… until I reached the last listing. There wasn’t even a picture but the description reminded me SO much of a horse my trainer had owned and let me ride when I was in high school. The name was even similar.

He was for sale for $2500.

I could hardly contain my excitement as I called the number and through conversation with the owner and the exchange of a few pictures we discovered that the horse was indeed the same Kenney I had fallen in love with almost 10 years ago.

My trainer had sold him at the time for $10,000 — WAY out of my budget as a high school sophomore. The lady who now owned him was so excited to hear my story about him that she offered him to me at $1500.

We picked him up 6 weeks later.

It wasn’t until almost 3 months later though, when I was unpacking boxes into the office in our new home, that I stumbled upon my dream board picture that I had stared at every single day for nearly 2 years. I was so surprised that I nearly fell over.

You see, Kenney not only met the criteria I had listed, but he also looked almost exactly like the horse on my dream board photo. It was Kenney who had given me my fondness for bay colored horses, so it only made sense that I would have included one on my dream board picture.

Take a look. Some may call it a miraculous coincidence. But if you ask me, I will ALWAYS say that Kenney came back into my life as a result of my dream board photo and the power of my subconcious mind.

Have I made a believer out of you? If you haven’t done so yet, go create your own Dream Board card!

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